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The Power of 8 » People Involved
Welcome. In this collaborative project, 8 people from different walks of life work together to build a public conversation about their individual aspirations for a desirable future.

Short Biographies of all Collaborators:

1. Anab Jain


I am an interaction designer/speculator who conceived of, and initiated this project.

By imagining possible near futures at the intersection of the digital, biological and sociological, my work aims to create design opportunities that may influence and change our present.  My work has been exhibited and published internationally, and I occasionally dabble in teaching and writing.

I have collaborated on research and design projects with several clients including Microsoft Research, Nokia Design, Design Council, Helen Hamlyn Centre, and have recently founded the design studio,  ‘Superflux’ in partnership with Jon Ardern.

To find out more about the project, or know how we are developing it further, do drop me a line.

2. Charlie Tims:


I’m Charlie. I’m interested in new media, creativity and democracy. I’m an associate of the Think Tank Demos where I worked for five years. I do a bit of work for the European Commission on Public Engagement and I’m working on a project about young people at the turn of the decade. I fritter my spare time away gardening, printing and cooking. I’m interested in videos that explain ideas quickly - music videos for ideas if you like. I call these videos nubs and write a blog about them here.

I’m quite depressed that in 50 years time people will look back at the year when the world had its last chance to make binding international agreements on climate chance + and when there was a moment to rewrite it’s values, systems and rules and they’ll find a load of stories about MPs expences and a supposed global pandemic that killed a handful of people. I think this project is really important and that if we can do something amazing with it, it potentially has the power to break through all the things that do me in.

3. Graham Burnett:


I am an experienced permaculture practitioner. I also write, illustrate and self-pulish books. I am a member of the Board of Trustees of the Permaculture Association (Britain),  and hold the Diploma in Permaculture Design (Dip Perm Des). I am also a member of the Permaculture Association’s Designers Register, and have co-run Permaculture Introductory courses, full design courses and specialist courses on vegan-organic gardening and compost toilet building, as well as workshops for, amongst others, Organiclea, Naturewise, Birmingham Decoy, Ars Terra (Los Angeles), Thrive (the therapeutic horticulture organisation), Transition Town Brixton ABUNDANCE and Southend Council’s Agenda 21 forum

I am currently involved in setting up Transition Westcliff, an exploration of how the community in which I and my family’s lives can develop an Energy Descent Action Plan in order to survive and thrive in the low carbon twenty first century.

4. Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today (TTT) | Liam Young and Darryl Chen:

liam-young darrylchen_ttt

Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today (TTT) is a London-based think tank exploring the consequences of fantastic, perverse and underrated urbanisms. TTT is comprised of Liam Young and Darryl Chen, brief bios below.

Liam Young: I live and work  in London as an independent designer and critic.I am a tutor tourist coordinating design studios at the AA, Bartlett and other schools in Europe and Asia. My  studio projects delve into the projective worlds of speculation and fiction which form critical instruments for instigating debate about the social, architectural and political consequences of emerging biological and technological futures.

Darryl Chen: I speculate and designs at the dirty fringes of urban thought. Formerly a teacher at the AA, I am now an itinerant practitioner and critic on urbanism for a range of publications, architecture schools and private practices. Projects and writing have appeared in magazines internationally and have ranged from hybrid urban typologies to a critique of sustainability culture.

5. Sanjiv Sharma:


I did my PhD in Chemistry from Regional Research Laboratory (now AMPRI), Bhopal, India . This was followed by Postdoctoral research assignments in Orsay, Paris, Munich and London. I am presently working in the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Imperial College London in the area of bionanotechnology and biosensors.

I am interested in developing personal healthcare devices, specially as the demographics are rapidly shifting. By 2016 it is estimated that more than half of UK’s population will be over 50. The NHS will not be able to bear the burden of so many people, hence research into bio and nanotechnology can enable people to increasingly monitor their health on their own.

6. Tessy Britton:


I am an educator, founder and Director of Thriving, a platform for positive change. I believe that we will create a positive future by choosing to be optimistic and connecting with each other in new ways.

I am a passionate advocate for young people. I specialise in learning processes, wellbeing, metacognition and emotion, and lecture part time on the University of Chichester MA Ed programme.

I work on a range of social projects, many of them exploring deliberate approaches that help individuals develop new initiatives in open communities. I believe small projects are a vital way of inspiring fresh thinking because they cultivate new perspectives and imaginative ideas.

You can find me at: The Thriving Too Community blog and The Social Spaces blog

7. Chris Collett

Scanned Document

Born bastard son of Yorkshire scrubber. Institutionalised early (1 yr old?), adopted at 3, adoptive father died at 7. Neurotic mother. Royal Navy at 17. Came out at 24. Series of dead end jobs. London School of Economics 1981 - 1984.

Started reading in 1970s - Shakespeare, Camus, Dostoyevsky, Orwell, Huxley, Koestler, Plato, Aristotle - you name it. Listening too - Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Purcell, Elgar, Schubert (not quite so wide as my reading). Particularly have read the great metaphysical writers Rene Guenon, Frithjof Schuon, Ananda Coomeraswamy, Gai Eaton, Martin Lings - and therefore have come to realised that Evolutionist theory is highly dubious and, further, highly political in its control and direction. All the same, interested in notions of future and how one can anticipate it without influencing it (not sure one can). Theories of Karl Popper highly relevant here.

8. Chris Hand:


I am a creative technologist, designer and educator based in Scotland where I lecture at Edinburgh Napier University.  From a background in programming and electronics I have moved through digital media and into interaction design, gaining some useful insight into inter- and multi-disciplinary working along the way. Recent freelance work has been for clients such as Dunne & Raby, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and Intel.

I am a big believer in open source hardware and software, and have been running hacking and prototyping workshops for a broad range of groups in Edinburgh.  I am also a co-founder and co-curator of the Edinburgh chapter of This happened, a series of talks and networking events revolving around interaction design. I believe in empowering people so they can engage with technology, rather than being passive consumers.

He blogs at plus six.

This project would not be possible without the creative input and help from the following people:

1. Jon Ardern


I am a designer making work that seeks to questions current social, political and economic  paradigms, exploring both the aspirational and problematic alternatives. To date my work has been shown at the MoMA New York, V&A London, presented as a paper at the Changing the Change conference, Torino and won prizes from UNSECO to name but a few. Check out my work at:

2. Alice Frost


I am Alice and I like taking photos. So I quit my job as a driving instructor to go to uni and spend three years taking photos. I am now about to start my final year studying a BA in Photographic Arts at Westminster University. This summer I have enjoyed getting involved in various photographic and other projects and hope this may be taste of what’s to come in my future. Check out my work at:

3. Russell Davies


I spent most of my professional life in advertising. And most of my real life mucking about on the internet. Now I’ve given up the advertising and I’m trying to work out what I want to do next. I like building stuff but am useless at doing it myself so I have to persuade others to help (like (Or do things so dumb even I can do it - like

There’s more at

4. Steven Ounanian


I studied Design|Media Art at UCLA and Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art. I research and develop products and performances around in the various where religious belief meets technology. The rituals, dogmas, and support systems implicit in technology are worth understanding in a society which where the gap between religious fundamentalists and staunch atheists ever widens (perhaps technology is the means in which the two groups remain connected).